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17th Batch of Two day Certified NLP Diploma Program

Excellence through NLP

G.Ramasubramanian, NLP Trainer
Certified NLP Trainer
Certified Life/Business Coach

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Certified NLP Trainer

Certified Life and Business Coach





Dear Friend,

I just want to start by sharing with you how NLP ( Neuro Linguistic Programming ) helped me break my limitations, broaden my thinking processes, helped me take risks and set on a new path of career and growth…

From an Individual in a high comfort zone, to an NLP Trainer and Coach, reaching out to thousands of people, with help, to make their lives better and more meaningful  has been a terrific journey with lots of satisfaction and joy.

NLP has been a very important element which made me make this transition… I can say with certainity  that, after NLP, my life has turned for the  very better, in terms finding meaning,purpose and fulfillment in my life…

What did I learn from NLP :

  • How the human minds works ? ( This, by the way, I feel, is the greatest challenge for a manager/leader )
  • How people get motivated?
  • What is the ( Positive ) intention behind People’s behavior
  • How people learn?
  • How to effectively communicate with them based on how they learn?
  • How to find patterns in people behavior?
  • How to utilize those patterns, to bring in awareness and change for the best?
  • How to use all these on self , for Self Coaching?

These were some of the phenomenal learnings I had with NLP. And when I started applying them I started seeing powerful shifts in my thinking and behavior, which I felt , made me more effective in what ever I did…

And now, I bring these learning in my NLP training programs, speaking from the space of my own personal transformation…

I welcome you, to these training programs, one of which is happening on January 06 & 07, 2018 ( Saturday and Sunday )

So,What is NLP?

NLP is the study of human behaviour and their thinking patterns, both conscious and unconscious. It is about how our brain works, how we think, feel, communicate, learn, motivate ourselves, interact with others, make choices and achieve goals.    

                   NLP ( Neuro Linguistic Programming) offers rapid and practical methods for personal growth. NLP is used extensively in business, sales, education, sports, therapy and many other fields.

                 NLP is now universally considered as the most powerful tool for personal growth.

                NEURO – refers to our brain and nervous system which processes all the information provided by our five senses.

                LINGUISTIC – refers to language, the way we use the language to interpret our sensory experience and how we communicate that experience to ourselves and others.

                PROGRAMMING – refers to our ability to organize and sequence our actions to achieve specific results. 


What can you learn?

  • How people operate :The 2 basic paradigms of human behavior
  • How people form perceptions : The 3 psychological filters of Map creation
  • How people learn : The 3 ways of preferential learning
  • How people transform : The 5 questions which help people transform
  • How people process information : The 6 modes of Internal processing
  • How to model excellence : the 13 beliefs of excellence
  • How to access positive mind states : Anchoring – the circle of excellence
  • How to get rid of negative habits / How to create positive habits : The SWISH Technique

Who should attend?

The program would be very useful for any professional/entrepreneur/businessman/Individual, who want to

  • Make a distinction in their careers…
  • Have solutions to their existing problems…
  • Want to take their business to the next level…
  • Understand and influence people positively…
  • Communicate effectively…
  • Enhance their own Vision and Purpose…
  • Be effective in setting and achieving targets…
  • Bring out and being their best…

Testimonials :

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Program Flow for the workshop   

 Excellence Through NLP: ( The sessions are Highly activity based )

-Introduction to NLP

-NLP presuppositions

-The Psychological filters of Perception

-Dealing with difficulties

-Structure of Experience : The VAK Model

-Learning Styles

-Anchoring, Reframing, Modeling (ARM of NLP)

-Goal setting ( Transformational Structure ) and anchoring of positive mind states

-Eye Accesing Cues

-From Victim Triangle to Winner Triangle

-Positive anchoring using NLP techniques (The Golden circle of   excellence)

-The Swish Technique for removing negative habits

Faculty Profile :

 Mr.G.Ramasubramanian, B.E., M.B.A., Msc ( Counseling and Psychotherapy) , Head ( Training ) of Excel HR is the  Faculty. He is a trainer by choice and trains with Passion. With more than a decade  of Corporate training experience he is one of the most sought after trainers in Chennai. He is an ISTD ( Indian Society of Training and Development ) certified trainer. He is also a Certified Master Practitioner of NLP, from NFNLP ( National Federation of Neuro Linguistic Programming ), Florida, USA and a Certified NLP Trainer from IPANLP.

He is an Engineering and M.B.A Degree Holder and has also done his Msc  in Counseling and Psychotherapy. He is also a CCA ( Certified Coaches Alliance,Canada ) Certified Life coach and a Certified and Licensed Transformational Coach from Academy of Coaches , India.

He has conducted more than  900 days of training for Corporates,Faculties and general

Public, training more than 20000 people. He also has a rich one on one coaching

experience of about  600 hours, powerfully coaching individuals from various walks of


Twenty years of Industrial and Corporate executive experience from corporate makes him a seasoned trainer with deep insights and impact. His curiosity and love for understanding the dynamics of the Human mind leads him to continuous learning and sharing.

His training programs are an enjoyable blend of Intensity, Interaction, fun, engagement and relate to day to day problems and solutions. His activity oriented teaching and entertaining style makes him a favorite. He specializes in NLP based learning programs, with emphasis on Self Awareness, Freedom to Choose, Effective Communications and Definiteness of Purpose.

Being a sincere student of wisdom practices like Vedanta,  Zen and Modern Management practices gives him the Unique Selling Proposition of handling the entire gamut of Soft skills with unique perspectives from NLP and other wisdom practices of the world.

He is also a story and script writer. Mr.G.Ramasubramanian has been interviewed and featured in leading magazines and television channels. He has written four  books, three on Topics like  Emotional Intelligence, NLP and Goal setting. The fourth book is a work of fiction, which is a compilation of his stories that had appeared in leading Magazines. He is also a Haiku writer and conducts Haiku Workshops.


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