G.Ramasubramanian, NLP Trainer
NLP Trainer

Hi friend, greetings. Welcome to my website. My name is G.Ramasubramanian, B.E., M.B.A., Msc ( Counselling and Psychotherapy), a Certified NLP Trainer, a Certified and licensed Life Coach and a Certified Corporate Trainer.

Iam very interested in Human behavior and have studied it deeply using Psychology, NLP , Modern management practices and Eastern wisdom practices. I also have 20 years of Industrial Executive and Managerial experience, which makes me a seasoned trainer and coach who can  understand human behaviour and provide solutions to a variety of issues in areas of Motivation, Relationships, Personal Development, Managerial and Leadership development, business and profession.

NLP is my passion and I have been deeply and positively affected by it. My life transformed and took a whole new dimension after my NLP learnings. I was able to make very profound and direction setting decisions in my life.As a result of these decisions I have more awareness,freedom and choice leading to a more happy and prosperous life.

I wanted to teach NLP and I wanted it to teach it from a space of how NLP impacted and improved my life. I started my NLP trainings and have been doing so for the past 11 years. I have trained hundreds of people both from the corporate and public space and I derive a huge satisfaction from this fact.

I have more than 1000 man days of training under my belt and look forward to doing more so. NLP is my passion and I believe NLP can really transform people’s life. Teaching and touching people’s lives is my vision and I am motivated and committed to that Vision.

I am also a Certified and Licensed Coach.I have more than 500 hours of Coaching experience.Coaching is a very powerful way of helping people to not only solve probles but also bring out their best. And when I bring in the Coaching elements into my NLP trainings, what results is a very powerful and heady mix of insights and transformations.

I am also an author and I have published four books so far. These books are in the areas of

  • NLP ( The first book about NLP in Tamil )
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Goal setting
  • A book with my fictional stories that appeared in leading magazines.

My another interest area is Haiku writing. I am a Haiku writer and enthusiast. I view Haiku as a powerful tool for self awareness, stress management and proactiveness. I also conduct Haiku workshops.

I have positively influenced thousands of people through my NLP workshops for public , corporate training programs, Seminars, Apperances in Television and through my books and articles. I feel I am blessed to do so and look forward to more Value creation.

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